Consulting Services

We use simple approaches to solve complex problems

Focus the horizon and everything will seem easier

Business Consulting Services

The acquired expertise during a lifetime of successfully delivered projects within various business sectors, allows us to understand the business needs of organizations. 

Our consultants , have the business knowledge and experience that capacitate us to analyze and implement the best solutions in order to meet our customers strategic vision .

Innovation and Digital Business

Research confirms that clients see the “how” of innovation and product development business process transformation as their biggest challenge. Organizations looking to create revenue from digital technology need a strategy that is more powerful than digital substitution.

By implementing bespoke Digital Business Strategies, we help address the customer-facing challenges through the delivery of innovative solutions that rely on pervasive digital connections in which the individual technologies merge to provide an experience of excellence.

IT Strategic planning

The Adaptive IT Strategy method provides a framework for developing an IT strategy that is integrated with business strategies in a collaborative, accelerated manner.

The client is assisted in the development of IT guidelines and principles, in the definition of the strategic direction for its IT products and services, in the identification of required IT competencies and related sourcing strategies, and in the creation of an IT management operating model.

Advisory & Change Management

Successful adaptation to change is as crucial within an organization as it is in the natural world. Just like plants and animals, organizations and the individuals inevitably encounter changing conditions that they are powerless to control.

Change comprises establishing a structured methodology for responding to change requests in the business environment or establishing coping mechanisms for responding to changes in the workplace (such as new policies, or technologies).

Our approach supports organizations by aligning strategy and business objectives, considering the challenges of Business Processes, Organizational Structure and Governance, and Technology

Risk Management

Because two projects are never exactly alike, the risk management approach and plan should be tailored to the scope and complexity of individual projects. Being a management process, we believe that risk management must identify and avoid the potential cost, schedule, and performance/technical risks to a system. We believe that the success of risk management is the ability to see beyond.